Textile machines: find the right model for your garment factory

Textile machines: find the right model for your garment factory

Textile machines are responsible for the quality of the results of your garments. Therefore, knowing which ones to invest in is fundamental to ensuring the success of your industry.

To help you make your selection, we’ve listed below the models you can’t miss. Check it out!

Take a look at the textile machines you can’t do without

Textile machines are the main assets of the clothing manufacturing stage. Without them, there is no way to guarantee standardizationautomation and optimization. This has a direct impact on the final quality of the product.

It’s that simple! There is no longer any room for outdated, inadequate equipment or equipment that is unable to support textile demand.

After all, it’s more than necessary to eliminate the number of unexpected stoppages, rework and unnecessary spending on repurchasing raw materials.

In other words, investing in textile machinery guarantees long-term savings, due to its assertiveness and efficiency. Productivity is your industry’s ally because it promotes profitability. And this is only possible with the acquisition of technology and innovation.

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It is worth noting that, according to Abitclothing is responsible for producing an average of 8.1 billion garments. This makes this sector profitable, along with the Textile Chain, R$190 billion.

Therefore, the use of agile and productive machines enables market demand to be met. All this while ensuring the growth of your industry, along with the segment.

Understanding the importance of this equipment for the success of your business, the Delta Máquinas Têxteis has developed solutions that improve results.

Delta machines optimize the production chain and contribute to the economic perception of the sector. The aim is to build a new future for the textile sector based on the Delta solutions.

So find out now about the ideal models for your garment factory!

1. Sublimation calender

Sublimation calender

A CTM450 Sublimation Calender is the first textile machine to be mentioned in this list. It was developed to guarantee productivity, quality and profitability in the thermotransfer process.

Its heating system promotes uniform temperature. This ensures greater use of the circumference of the thermal and chrome cylinder.

It is therefore perfect for working on rolls or cut pieces. All with lots of standardization and automation!

In addition, the machine can be adjusted in terms of footage, temperature and speed. Not to mention that the recipe settings are made via the HMI.

To add to this, the equipment also has 2 thermoresistance sensors to monitor the internal and external temperature of the cylinder. In this way, the Calandra provides more efficient and safer temperature control.

Finally, the Delta Sublimation Calender has a cooling system with automatic stop and a NoBreak system to prevent losses in the event of a power failure.

2. Sample Washer

Sample washer

The DWM555 Sample Washer is one of the textile machines that most reinforces the impact of investing in the right technology. This is a Delta solution developed to replace domestic machines used in the sample testing process testing.

A process that used to take around 3 hours can now be completed in 15 minutes with the Sample Washer. 15 minutes! This is the case at retail giant Havan! In addition to ensuring optimization with this machine, the company also ensured water savings of 80%.

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And we can also cite the case of KFK Private Label. The company, which has been in business for more than 30 years, had high costs due to the non-quality (NQC) of the pieces it sewed.

To change this scenario, the organization bet on automation processes through the acquisition of the Delta Sample Washer, along with the Revising and Relaxing Machine.

This investment helped a 50% reduction in the CNQ from KFK Private Label! The savings allowed the company to acquire greater financial compensation from its raw material suppliers.

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Thus, the Delta Sample Washer has innovated in the shrink testing process. The solution speeds up the laboratory response when determining the percentage of reduction and torsion of the part.

It guarantees final product quality and a return on investment. That’s because:

  • Reduces by up to 75% o waste of material;
  • Standardizes the dimensional change assessment method;
  • Requires less electricity consumption;
  • Reduces the reprocess rate;
  • Promotes faster batch release.

3. Flat fabric proofreader

Flat fabric proofreader

A REV110 Flat Fabric Proofreader is another one that has arrived to revolutionize the sector. This category of textile machine was developed by Delta to contribute to the process of fabric reviewwhich was not very common.

In other words, many companies bought materials without checking the quality and its finish. This consequently caused problems during hemming due to errors in the dimensions. And this led to wrong sizing, waste and increased costs.

With this in mind, Delta developed the Proofreading machines, to solve these problems and guarantee the final quality. And the Flat Fabric Proofreader is one such model.

This machine is easy to set up and has roll/roll, diaper/roll and roll/roll working options.

The solution also offers a wide range of options to further contribute to quality control and cost reduction. This is thanks to productivity linked to data integration.

The Flat Fabric Proofreader also has:

  • Electronic drives with stretch control;
  • Wide view with top and bottom lighting for greater assertiveness;
  • Inspection table with anti-static tempered glass;
  • Alignment system using high-definition sensors.

4. Knitting and fabric proofreader

Knitting and fabric proofreader

The Knitting and Fabric Proofreader REV170 is another model of Delta’s intelligent and innovative solution. It can be configured to suit every need. But in all cases, it ensures assertiveness and quality.

It therefore carries out a defect review. And, like the previous one, it has:

  • Electronic drives with stretch control;
  • Wide view with top and bottom lighting;
  • Inspection table with anti-static tempered glass;
  • Alignment system using high-definition sensors.

However, the work options are roll/roll or diaper/roll. It also promotes:

  • Reduced setup time with JBOX accumulator in the input;
  • Reduction of costs.

Mention should also be made of REV 170’s newest artificial intelligence model, the Smart Vision iConcept View. This is the version with the highest automation and fabric inspection technology.

In this way, the solution replaces the role of the operator. This is due to the machine’s camera inspecting and pointing at the software the necessary information about the processes.

To find out more about this machine and the role of AI in the textile sector, click here and access our full content on these topics.

5. Knit and flat fabric proofreader

Knit and flat fabric proofreader

A REV450 Mesh and Flatweave Proofreader is the version that started the development of the other Delta proofreaders. This is an option for smaller industries.

But make no mistake! It also ensures return on investment and eliminates the possibility of losses in the process. In other words, it guarantees high productivity and cost savings thanks to standardization and automation.

The work options are diaper/roll or roll/roll. And just like the previous ones, it has:

  • Electronic drives with stretch control;
  • Wide view with top and bottom lighting for greater assertiveness;
  • Inspection table with anti-static tempered glass;
  • Alignment system using high-definition sensors.

6. Mesh and fabric relaxer

Mesh and fabric relaxer

This is yet another Delta textile machine that has improved processes in the sector. A Mesh and Fabric Relaxer RLX600 innovated the conventional method of of knits and fabrics.

Thus, the solution eliminates rest, promoting immediate relaxation from roll to roll. All this based on a series of real data that can be integrated into the ERP.

A RLX600 is a guarantee of raw material quality, productivity in hemming and dimensional stability after cutting.

It is synonymous with large-scale production with agility, reliability and profitability.

It also promotes:

  • Automatic calculation of weight and yield;
  • Actual roll width and length information;
  • Reduced physical space requirements.

7. Bonus

Finally, we can’t fail to mention more Delta equipment that contributes to the successful results of your production. They are:

  • FRC100 collar counterautomatic straight line counting. It identifies image patterns, colors and intervals of the pieces, as well as making it possible to review the material;
  • FRC200 roll fractionatorThe new system: it fractions rolls of different sizes with the help of a high-precision digital counter. Avoids material waste and increases assertiveness in stock control. All with great productivity and competitiveness;
  • ELC500 roller elevator: designed to increase productivity in bundling. Allows the machine to be filled in a standardized way. It guarantees a reduction in repetitive effort, speed and the physical integrity of the material and operator.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis contributes to the development of your industry!

Textile machines are fundamental to the success of the clothing industry. Investing in this equipment is the same as ensure market prominence among the competition.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis is here for you! There are already more than 16 years transforming the national and international textile sector with our solutions. We contribute to the generation of data, the elimination of wastecost reduction, safety, productivity and quality.

So, to find out which of these machines are best suited to the needs and demands of your industry, talk to one of our consultants now.

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