iConcept relaxer: featured at Expotextil Peru!

From October 20th to 23rd, Delta was present at Expotextil Peru and the highlight of the fair was the iConcept Relax Relaxer! Other products such as the iConcep Packing Automatic Wrapper and iConcept Smart Sample Washer are also enjoying great demand in the market, according to Delta’s commercial director Paulo Garbin.

He talked a little more about the equipment and the fair and you can check it out below:

The RLX300 iConcept Relax 2016 Knit and Fabric Relaxer was developed with the aim of achieving maximum quality in preparing articles for programming a garment factory. It can be used in the quality control process, when receiving rolls of knitwear and fabrics, or in preparing the rolls for wrapping/cutting.

It increases wrapping productivity due to the principle of relaxing the mesh from roll to roll, in order to guarantee quality in the final piece and has automated and intelligent technology that, aligned with process standardization, generates connectivity and interactivity.

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