Fabric pretreatment: how to reduce costs?

Fabric pretreatment

The fabric pretreatment phase is the period in which chemical processes occur that stimulate more vibrancy in the colors of the dyes added to the material.

This is the time when care and attention must be taken to avoid errors such as incorrect ink drying, printing migration or failures caused by scratches. Thus, productivity optimization and cost reduction will be stimulated.

With that in mind, in this article we talk about the attributes of the process, the importance of cost containment and what to do to ensure this. We also present an innovative solution that helps in this step. Check it out!

How to reduce costs in the fabric pretreatment phase?

The fabric pretreatment phase is part of the textile industry processes. Here procedures are carried out to ensure that the paint adheres to the material. Furthermore, one of the concerns at this stage is related to resistance to light and washing, and other possible errors that could distort the print.

Therefore, the type of fabric and coverage are main characteristics that determine which coating process will be carried out on the material. Therefore, there are some methods during this procedure. They are:


  • Pad emulsion: this is the term for “emulsion plate”. It is during this process in which the fabric goes through a chemical bath and then passes through cylinders to remove excess products;
  • Similar to Pad emulsion: here the previous process is repeated at first. The only difference is in the cylinder part. This is because here it is replaced by a knife or dosing blade that helps in cutting extra fabrics.
  • Spray: in this process, the coating that helps in adhering the paint color is done by spray.


Therefore, it is essential to invest in good equipment to obtain maximum results at this stage. Machines that automate processes and optimize steps are the best choices for fabric pretreatment.

It should be noted that investing in machinery that provides direct printing on the material provides some advantages for the industry. With this type of equipment, paper costs are reduced and reworks due to printing errors are avoided.

Furthermore, the adhesion of the paint and its fixation are also a differentiator. This is due to the saturation of the dye, which reduces the likelihood of grooves in stretchable fabrics and transfers more efficiently, leaving the dye on the fabric.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis Digital Printing Preparator

fabric pretreatment

We are a company specialized in developing equipment and machines that guarantee solutions that directly impact the textile industry, both in the national and international markets. This is because we also operate in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, among others.

Focusing on creating processes that optimize productivity by focusing on innovation, creativity, responsibility and quality is Delta’s intention. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to align knowledge of machines, technology and people to customize and develop unique projects.

In this way, Delta Máquinas Têxteis developed a transformative solution in the market that facilitates processes and reduces the cost of the fabric pretreatment phase.

It is important to highlight that Delta machines are suitable for NR-12, which generates more efficiency and control of procedures, in addition to increasing safety and ergonomics.

The main characteristics of the equipment

The PID100 has some advantages, but the main one is the availability of cost reduction thanks to the feasibility of continuing the procedure. This is because the treatment is done roll by roll, making the process more agile.

Furthermore, it can be used on different materials, such as pure cotton, viscose or natural cellulose fibers. This feature concentrates functionality for several compounds in a single place, reducing cost and optimizing tissue preparation.

The machine also makes applying the primer easier. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that PID100 guarantees vivid colors, high-resolution images and greater solidity when washing the material.

It is worth noting that the machine has automated drying control, speeding up the steps. Thus, PID 100 provides greater quality for the final product and a higher standard in all fabrics prepared by the machine.

Finally, Delta’s Digital Printing Preparator also makes the process more agile and standardized, reducing costs thanks to better management of inputs. Which, consequently, generates greater use, productivity and preparation on an industrial scale.

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the Digital Printing Machine are:

  • Useful width of 1800mm;
  • Machine width 2500mm;
  • Machine height 1500mm;
  • Machine length 2000mm;
  • Working speed from 1 to 10m/min
  • Supply voltage 220/380/440V;
  • Installed power of 30KW;
  • Maximum dryer temperature of 150°C.

The advantages of PID100 for fabric pretreatment

The Digital Printing Preparator from Delta Máquinas Têxteis has some benefits in addition to those already mentioned. They are:

  • Continuous and low-cost process;
  • Roll to roll working condition;
  • Ideal for processing small batches;
  • Greater solidity for digital printing;
  • Automated control of the drying system;
  • Guarantee of process standardization and automation.

It is worth highlighting that PID100, in addition to speeding up the fabric pretreatment process, also adapts the industry to the trend of the new consumer profile: personalization.

According to the Dafiti study , today’s consumer is looking for more inclusion, diversity and sustainability. With a machine that provides mass characterization, intelligence based on the end consumer starts to be applied, which assists in strategic production decisions.

Invest in innovation with Delta Máquinas Têxteis

This content demonstrated the importance of pretreatment and cost reduction at this stage to encourage productivity and development.

Hence the need to acquire equipment and machines that assist the processes in this phase and also provide the highest quality standard for the products.

And if you want to know more about the Delta Máquinas Têxteis portfolio, just click here to download our complete catalog for free.

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