Delta Equipamentos seeks to consolidate itself in Latin America

Delta Equipamentos seeks to consolidate itself in Latin America

The equipment developed by Delta Equipamentos was shown in a report in Jornal Hoje, on May 11, which highlighted the investments of Brazilian businesspeople in business in Paraguay.

The growth of these negotiations is a reason for celebration for the company. That develops solutions in machines ranging from weaving. Even clothing and is increasingly consolidating itself as a reference for the textile sector in Latin America.


Focused on optimizing productivity, the company offers innovative products and personalized solutions to meet the needs of each customer. To this end, it constantly participates in international fairs to present its products and learn about new developments on the market. In April, it exhibited its equipment at the biggest event in the textile sector in Argentina: Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, three simultaneous events that present industry suppliers. This week, the company participates in the 27th Apparel Sourcing Show, in Guatemala.

Faced with a global scenario, it is important to know the changes that are already occurring. And what will come again with the impact of technology on manufacturing. Creation of parts and new markets.

Low environmental impact solutions have been the target of research and permanent investment for machinery, energy and methods. Some biological processes applied in the dyeing phase. For example, they can reduce, on average, 30% in water and electricity consumption.

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