Rovitex reduces losses and optimizes production with industrial automation solutions from Delta Máquinas


The company, which operates vertically from the production of cotton to the finished garment, has a packaging machine, sample washer, relaxers and proofreaders that have ensured an increase in production quality at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Rovitex has been on the market for almost 40 years and is one of Brazil’s leading textile companies. In its verticalized production, it has processes that range from the production of cotton, through the marketing of knitwear rolls to ready-made garments sold via retail and its own stores under its seven brands. There are more than 2,000 employees and more than 20,000 orders delivered every month.

One of the company’s initiatives is the constant investment in technology for its industrial park and it is in investments in solutions from Delta Máquinas, a Brazilian company specializing in technology for textile automation, that the company has been reaping great results. Rovitex currently has four proofreading machines, which work on the proofreading/cutting of the fabrics coming out of the Ramas; two relaxing machines, which dispense with the traditional process of resting the knits; a sample washer used in the product testing area and an automatic packing machine, which speeds up the final process of packing the rolls of knitwear.

“The search for better use of resources and increased productivity led the company to invest in automation solutions for textile production. Delta offered us what we were looking for and the equipment has proven to deliver the results we expected. We have a reliable and safe partnership throughout the process,” says Jardel de Oliveira, textile manager at Rovitex.

Around 24 tons of knitwear leave the company’s factory every day. Edson Korin, processing coordinator, points out that with Delta’s solutions it has been possible to reduce 1.5% of losses in the production and packaging processes. The return of knitted rolls also fell by 80%. “We’ve gained security and process automation with the parts coming out of Rama. We now have integrated and automated information. With the packaging machine, we’ve optimized the finishing process and have super-fast delivery,” he says.

In addition to the improvement in fabric finishing quality with the support of the proofreading machines, the roll packaging process has also become faster.. Before Delta’s packaging machine was implemented, it was possible to pack one roll per minute. Today, 2.5 rolls are finished in the same time.



The sample washer is one of the solutions adopted by Rovitex. / Divulgação

The product testing area has also been automated. Delta developed the sample washer based on old equipment that was no longer in use at Rovitex. “Today the washer imitates the home washing and automation process, with much higher quality and in just 15 minutes. All this in hot water, with a more severe process than the home test, which gives us more accurate data on the percentage of shrinkage of the fabric, for example,” explains Larysse Almeida, responsible for the company’s Quality area. With the washer, up to five fabrics can be tested at the same time and the data on shrinkage percentage helps to produce higher quality garments for the end consumer.

Fábio Kreutzfeld, CEO of Delta, highlights the importance of the partnership with Rovitex. “Today we are present in different company processes and our consultative support has been a differential in strengthening this partnership. We can understand the customer’s challenges and needs in depth and work towards continuous improvement. It’s a challenge and a great opportunity to work together with a company as renowned as Rovitex,” he concludes.



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