RELAXING MACHINE RLX600 – iConcept Relax

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Delta has innovated the conventional method of resting knits and fabrics by developing new technology to standardize the process. Its RLX600 Relaxer eliminates conventional rest, promoting immediate relaxation from roll to roll, as well as providing a series of real data, important for programming, which can be integrated into the ERP. In other words, it is the guarantee of the quality of the raw material, productivity in the hemming process and dimensional stability after cutting. The agility and reliability your industry needs to produce on a large scale and profitably.

– Dimensional stability of the raw material;
– Immediate relaxation from roller to roller;
– Eliminates the conventional 24 to 48 hour rest period;
– Automatic calculation of weight and yield;
– Actual roll width and length information;
– Eliminates dimensional defects in cut parts;
– Reduced physical space requirements;
– Process standardization and automation;
– Integration of data with ERP.

Useful width: 1800mm or 2400mm

Machine width: 2700 or 3300mm

Machine height: 1400mm

Machine length: 3000mm

Working speed: 30m/min.

Installed power: 5KW

Supply voltage: 220/380/440V