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The Automatic Roll Wrapping Machine by Delta Textile Machines was developed according to the 4.0 Industry concept by standardizing and automating the process. It is
capable of wraping up to 240 rolls per hour, also carrying out weighing and labeling, that is, it increases productivity, improves quality, and reduces raw material costs, gaining
competitiveness in the market. It is optimal for continuous processes through direct integration with inspection machines. It can also be used for the packaging of other materials, such as paper, laminates, non-woven fabrics and similar segments..

– Process time reduction;
– Cutting the excess side of plastic;
– Reduced ergonomic operating strain;
– Automated weighing;
– Automatic label application;
– Integration with ERP management system;
– Assurance of process standardization and

– Weighing scale;
– Automatic labeler;
– Mobile total shrink tunnel;
– Fixed total shrink tunnel;
– Barcode reader sensor;
– Plastic film width selection;
– 3m fix conveyor belt;
– 3m tilting conveyor belt;
– Data integration software;
– Batch separation software;
– Plastic film side cut.

Useful width: 2400mm
Machine width: 4000mm
Machine height: 2500mm
Machine length: 6000mm
Working speed: até 4 rollers/minute
Installed power: 30KW (EWB) + 45KW (Túnel)
Supply voltage: 220/380/440V