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The Digital Ruler Sensor of Delta Textile Machines is optimal for continuous processes through direct integration with stenters, compactors, inspection machines, among other
equipment, ensuring accurate monitoring of width variation on knits and fabrics. In other words, at the end of each process, the operator will have the minimum, average and
maximum width data at the HMI interface or at the supervisory device. An industry focused on productivity cannot rely on measuring tape and manual mistakes. Secure this smart solution and comply with the 4.0 concept.

– Digital infrared sensor technology;
– Full-time reading of fabric width variation;
– Data visualization through display for better
– Data can be sent to a PLC/HMI-interface and
supervisory device;
– Improved product quality control;
– Assurance of process standardization and automation.

– Electronic indicator;
– Electronic interface (CLP + HMI;
– Electronic Supervisory device (Industrial PC).

Useful width: 200mm to 4000mm

Machine width: 4000mm

Machine height: 100mm

Machine length: 200mm

Installed power: 0.5KW

Supply voltage: 220V