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Delta Máquinas Têxteis presents the SDT1000, an innovative and advanced solution for drying knit and fabric from the direct digital printing process. This intelligent thermal dryer was designed to provide uniform, fast and efficient drying, ensuring the quality and durability of prints. The SDT1000 is ideal for clothing and printing companies that seek to optimize their production process, generating competitiveness and ensuring standardization. With cutting-edge technology and ease of operation, it stands out in the market as the perfect choice for those who want to improve the quality of their products and increase operational efficiency..

– Greater productivity;
– Reduced operating costs;
– Reduction of repetitive effort;
– Ensuring process standardization and automation.

– Axial Roller Winder/Unwinder;
– Cylinder Accumulator;
– Aligner Winder;
– Tangential winder;
– Simple Open Mesh Diaper Diaper;
– Open Mesh Tangential Diaper and Reel.

Useful width: 1800mm

Machine width: 3125mm

Machine height: 1580mm

Machine length: 2276mm to 3836mm

Working speed: 1.5m/min to 6m/min

Installed power: 34KW

Supply voltage: 220/380V