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Multiply your productivity and reduce costs with the REV550, an intelligent solution developed by Delta Textile Machines. The inspection machine enables simultaneous inspection of both sides of the tubular raw knitted fabric by means of two inspection boards. Thus, your industry gains agility in the inspection process, corrects weaving problems and also avoids greater losses after processing. Earnings are proven, check it out!

– Simultaneous inspection from both sides using a double table;
– 150% more productive than simple overhaul machines;
– Compact table, with less need for physical space;
– Wide view with top and bottom lighting for greater assertiveness;
– Reduced operating costs;
– Reduced setup time;
– Stretch control;
– Ensuring process standardization and automation.

– Mechanical meter counter;
– Plaiting.

Useful width: 1200mm

Machine width: 2000mm

Machine height: 2000mm

Machine length: 1500mm

Working speed: 60m/min.

Installed power: 1KW

Supply voltage: 220/380/440V