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A very detailed review process allows the identification of defects that originated in the previous steps. Delta Textile Machines developed its Flat Fabric Inspection Machine as
an ideal solution for the industry linked to the 4.0 concept, seeking productivity and data integration. The operator has easy access to the inspection area, facilitating the classification and identification of defects by means of software.

– Electronic drives with stretch control;
– Accurate electronic metering system;
– Wide view with top and bottom lighting for more
– Inspection board with antistatic tempered glass;
– Alignment system through high definition sensors;
– Operational cost reduction;
– Roll/Roll and Plaited/Roll processing Options;
– Assurance of process standardization and automation.

– Data Integration Software with ERP;
– Manual or electrical cross-cutting system;
– Digital ruler for width monitoring.

Useful width: 1800mm
Machine width: 2600mm
Machine height: 2500mm
Machine length: 2500mm
Working speed: from 0 to 60m/min.
Installed power: 5KW
Supply voltage: 220/380/440V