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Producing on a large scale and profitably requires a careful look at each stage of the process, especially when it comes to waste. With this in mind, Delta Máquinas Têxteis has developed its Paper Perforator, making it possible to reuse the sublimation paper discarded in digital printing for hemming. An intelligent solution aligned with the concept of sustainable production, reducing the impact on the environment.

– Reusing sublimation paper;
– Reduced environmental impact, making the process more sustainable;
– Reduced costs when purchasing raw materials;
– Electronic drives with paper stretching and tensioning control;
– Alignment using high-definition sensors;
– Reduced setup time with fast roller change system;
– Ensuring process standardization and automation.

Useful width: 2000mm

Machine width: 2500mm

Machine height: 1250mm

Machine length: 1500mm

Working speed: 0 to 10m/min.

Installed power: 1.5KW

Supply voltage: 220/380/440V.