HYDRO SPRINKLERS HAT106 / HAT010 / HAT110 – iConcept Eco

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Delta Máquinas Têxteis offers the best options in Hydro Sprinklers, models that meet different finishing needs when coupled to creels or other continuous process machines. Whether for open mesh/tubular or flat fabric, these are intelligent solutions for applying liquids such as water, softeners, silicones or different chemicals, considerably improving the final quality of the product.

– Distinctive finish on the final product;
– Reduction of up to 40% in chemical consumption;
– Application of different products with a single piece of equipment;
– Reduces setup time between articles;
– Ensures uniform application of the material;
– Increases the speed of the drying process;
– Supply system with automatic double filter;
– Replaces the impregnation foulard;
– Recipe configuration via HMI;
– Integration of data with ERP;
– Process standardization and automation.

-Automatic washing;
-ERP data integration software.

Useful width: 1200 to 2400mm

Machine width: 1500/2100/2700mm

Machine height: 500mm

Machine length: 500mm

Working speed: up to 60m/min.

Installed power: 3KW

Supply voltage: 220/380/440V