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The Delta Textile Machines’ Hydro Sprinkler Station promotes the natural re-gain of fibers, i.e., the recovery of residual moisture of knitted and plain fabrics, lost
during the textile finishing process either with water or other auxiliary chemicals. A differential capable of improving the fit in the spread, the seamability and the final touch of the piece. In other words, gain in quality, productivity and profitability!

– Differentiated finish;
– Natural fibre re-gain;
– Improves final product quality;
– Ensures uniformity in material application;
– Application of several products with a single
– Recipe setup via IHM;
– Data Integration with ERP;
– Standardization and automation of the process.

– Simple or double;
– Scale;
– Digital Ruler;
– Automatic wash;
– Data Integration Software.

Useful width: 2400mm
Machine width: 3300mm
Machine height: 2000mm
Machine length: 2500mm
Working speed: from 0 to 60m/min.
Installed power: 5KW
Supply voltage: 220/380/440V